Live Design Magazine

Digitizing Opera: Lighting (September 2019)

Digitizing Opera: Video (August 2019)

Cornucopia: Björk's Move Into Theatricality (July 2019)

Imagining Madoff, Part Two: Lighting Design (June 2019)

Imagining Madoff, Part One: Set Design (June 2019)

Building Bridges for Josh Groban (January 2019)

Big Apple Circus: Lighting the Big Tent Atmosphere (June 2018)

Big Apple Circus: Costume Design Embraces Humanity (May 2018)

Big Apple Circus: A Celebratory Production Design (May 2018)

UNLV Uses Epson Laser Projectors for Pregame Show (April 2018)

Miles Ahead: Georama: An American Panorama Told on 3 Miles of Canvas (October 2017)

A New Rhythm: Bandstand on Broadway (August 2017)

Getting Immersive for Holiday House: Sets and Lighting, Costumes, Space & Sound (March 2017)

Psycho Killer: Lighting for American Psycho (June 2016)

Psycho Killer: Projection for American Psycho (June 2016)

Party City: Supercinema Film-Themed Parties at the McKittrick Hotel (April 2016)

White House Dinner (September 2015)

Hall of Flame: Wolf Hall Scenic Design (June 2015)

Hall of Flame: Wolf Hall Lighting Design (June 2015)

Around Town Part Two: Projection and Sound Design (December 2014)

Around Town Part One: Lighting and Scenic Design (December 2014)

All Aboard: Design of the Passenger Part One: Scenic Design (September 2014)

All Aboard: Design of the Passenger Part Two: Lighting Design  (September 2014)

All Aboard: Design of the Passenger Part Three: Sound Design  (September 2014)

Noble Concepts: Queen of the Night (March 2014)

Q+A: Bob Crowley and Natasha Katz (November 2013)

One Singular Sensation: Michael Jackson ONE Part 5: Set Design (September 2013)

One Singular Sensation: Michael Jackson ONE Part 4: Projection Design (September 2013)

Stages of Sleep No More Part 123 (April 2013)

Flying to New Heights with Quixotic (December 2012)

A Royal Setting (November 2011)

Collective Media Part 1 and Part 2 (November 2010)

Stuffed Animal Instincts (October 2010)

Spaced Out (September 2010)

War Crimes (September 2008)

Stage Directions Magazine

Off the Shelf: "Unbuttoned" (April 2017)

Off the Shelf: Essentials of Period Style (February 2017)

Off the Shelf: Perspectives on "Dance Production: Design & Technology" (August 2016)

Off the Shelf: Sounds From All Angles (March 2016)

Off the Shelf: Guiding Artists to Saving and Investing (January 2016)

Off the Shelf: Examining Falling (January 2016)

Off the Shelf: Beautiful Chaos (October 2015)

100 Shows and Still Smiling (November 2013)

Designing A World in a Single (Small) Space  (August 2013)

Revisiting the Roadmap  (October 2012)

The Color of Rep  (August 2012)

Putting It All on The Table  (March 2012)

A Scaffold for Light (January 2012)

Yes Men  (September 2011)